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Aeromodelling is all about designing, builing and flying of models.Now a days it became one of the finest hobby of people.A model aircraft is a small sized replica of an existing or imaginary aircraft.

Flying models range from simple toy gliders made of card stock or foam polystyrene to powered scale models made from materials such as balsa wood or fibreglass. Some can be very large, especially when used to research the flight properties of a proposed real design.Here we will give you an idea of RC aircraft

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Basic componenets of an motor driven RC aircraft that are used to build it are given below.

1.Building material: There are many materials like high desity thermocol,EPP,Styroform,Balsa wood etc. that can be used in building of an aircraft.

2.Electric motor: We can use electric motor to generate the thrust.

3.Servo motor: Servo motor is used for the movement of its control surfaces.


5.ESC: Electronic speed controller

6.Push rods

7.Some other miscllaneous items like hinges,clevis etc.

A very simple handlaunched aircraft which is useful for understanding the concepts of aeromodelling.One who want to be the pro in aeromodelling and knows nothing about it should start with Balsa wood chuck glider.This is the best aeromodelling workshop for beginners.

If you are going for this workshop thats mean you are going to be good in aeromodelling.Because this workshop will not give you only basic knowledge but you will also learn the different aerobatics in this workshop.

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One of the cheapest and best radio controlled beginner plane.You can learn the basics of aeromodelling with the help of it.Request a workshop and start developing your aermodelling skills with us.